Easeful Death: Is There a Case for Assisted Dying?

Easeful Death: Is There a Case for Assisted Dying? PDF

Written with sensitivity, grace, and even-handed authority, Easeful Death provides a clearly reasoned assessment of arguments both for and against the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Drawing on the experience of Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States, the authors explore the philosophical and ethical views on both sides of the debate, and examine how different legislative proposals would affect different members of society, from the very young to the very ol…

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Fodor’s Northern California 2015: with Napa, Sonoma, Yosemite, San Francisco & Lake Tahoe (Full-color Travel Guide)

Fodor’s Northern California 2015: with Napa, Sonoma, Yosemite, San Francisco & Lake Tahoe (Full-color Travel Guide) PDF

Northern California is filled with rugged redwood forests, pristine stretches of Pacific Coastline, and towering mountains. But it also has more than its share of creature comforts, from Napa Valley’s wineries and spas to San Francisco’s destination restaurants and exclusive boutiques. Packed with in-depth insider information, illustrated cultural features, and spectacular photography, Fodor's Northern California showcases the best the region has to offer.

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The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street

The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street PDF

The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street by Mary Kreiner Ramirez and Steven A. Ramirez
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1479881570 | 288 pages | EPUB | 0,6 MB
A critical examination of the wrongdoing underlying the 2008 financial crisis

An unprecedented breakdown in the rule of law occurred in the United States after the 2008 financial collapse. Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and other large banks settled securities fraud claims with t…

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Dad Bod to Bad Bod by Raza Imam

Dad Bod to Bad Bod by Raza Imam PDF

I Reveal the EXACTLY What I Ate and Which Workouts I Used to Burn Fat and Build Muscle – Average Guys Like Me Can See Results In As Little As 2 Weeks By Following These Steps
In this short book, I reveal EVERYTHING you need to do to burn fat and build muscle. I left out the fluff, theory, and science and show you the exact action steps you need to take to get the results I got.
I know this is a short book, but do you really need a 300 page book if you want to burn fat and build muscle… …

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Raspberry Pi: Amazing Projects from Scratch

Raspberry Pi: Amazing Projects from Scratch PDF

Explore the powers of Raspberry Pi and build your very own projects right out of the boxAbout This BookFrom robotics to gaming, this Learning Path will unlock your creativity!Build your own impressive IoT projects to transform your homeFeaturing some of Packt’s very best Raspberry Pi content, this Learning Path doesn’t just get you to your destination – it opens up a whole horizon of possibilities!Who This Book Is ForWant new ideas for your next Raspberry Pi project? Got one lying around gath…

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Continuous Time Dynamical Systems: State Estimation and Optimal Control with Orthogonal Functions

Continuous Time Dynamical Systems: State Estimation and Optimal Control with Orthogonal Functions PDF

Optimal control deals with the problem of finding a control law for a given system such that a certain optimality criterion is achieved. An optimal control is a set of differential equations describing the paths of the control variables that minimize the cost functional. This book, Continuous Time Dynamical Systems: State Estimation and Optimal Control with Orthogonal Functions, considers different classes of systems with quadratic performance criteria. It then attempts to find the optimal co…

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Home Automation For Dummies

Home Automation For Dummies PDF

The easy way to control your home appliances
Do you want to control common household appliances and amenities from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be? Home Automation For Dummies guides you through installing and setting up app-controlled devices in your home, such as heating and air conditioning, lighting, multimedia systems, game consoles, and security and monitoring devices—and even suggests popular products to consider.
The saturation of the mobile market with smart dev…

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SQL: A Step-By-Step Guide To Learning SQL

SQL: A Step-By-Step Guide To Learning SQL PDF

Today every software professional needs at least a basic understanding of how SQL works. If you are new to SQL, you might feel overwhelmed and confused in the beginning, but as you progress you will discover how powerful and elegant SQL is.
This book will cover important topics about SQL. For instance, a chapter focuses on the operators that you can use. Overall, you’ll be an effective SQL user able to use the SELECT SQL keyword which is part of the Data Query Language (DQL). If we have a…

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Quadratic Programming and Affine Variational Inequalities

Quadratic Programming and Affine Variational Inequalities PDF

Quadratic programs and affine variational inequalities represent two fundamental, closely-related classes of problems in the t,heories of mathematical programming and variational inequalities, resp- tively.
This book develops a unified theory on qualitative aspects of nonconvex quadratic programming and affine variational inequ- ities.

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Build Your Own Body: Strong is the New Skinny

Build Your Own Body: Strong is the New Skinny PDF

Are you going to talk about the body you want – or are you going to build it? Build Your Own Body is a revolutionary new book that shows you how to take control once and for all and create the body you want. Kelly Donegan is a competitive bodybuilder, so she understands the importance of looking good in a bikini – but she wasn’t always this way. While suffering from crippling depression, Kelly turned to fitness and instantly found her saviour and a source of empowerment. Now …

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